Our girls' latest antics: July | PinksCharming
Over the past few weeks we have had lots of fun at home. I let the girls loose with the art supplies and was a bit worried about Thea using scissors… but it turned out I should have been more concerned about Ava drawing on her little sister in felt tip! At least they are nice flowers, I suppose! Later that day, they arranged loads of cushions and furniture around the living room rug, to make a ‘classroom’. Ava even started cleaning the TV as if it was a blackboard! She didn’t manage to remove the sticky fingerprints though…Their ‘pupils’ are all the cuddly toys that they’ve lined up on the ironing board. And the class pet is the rabbit under the washing basket ‘hutch’. Ava kept saying “Be gentle with the rabbit, Thea, or it might scratch you.” and only letting her stroke it through the bars of the ‘hutch’. It was virtually impossible not to laugh, they are so cute. I remember playing schools with my sister and brother when we were younger. Such fun. Another day, after I got Thea dressed, she said “I’m a bit lovely.” Try a whole lot lovely!! Ava enjoyed looking for butterflies amongst the lavender in our garden. At dinner she started sitting like this: When we asked why, she said “I’m a cactus, Mummy!” Obviously. Last night Ryan read her “Giraffes Can’t Dance” and she announced that she didn’t like the word “boogie”. We asked why, and “It sounds too much like bogie.” came the very rational reply! When I said goodnight and gave her a cuddle and a kiss, she mimed taking something from her chest and passed it to me, saying “Here’s my heart, Mummy.” Such imagination!