Foodventurous: Glazed and Infused | Picnic Life Foodie
There were a lot of sad Cardinal-and-Gold-wearing people on the streets the next morning. We had noticed a place a couple blocks from our hotel with the word "Glazed" on the sign and assumed doughnuts had to be involved. We were not disappointed. We walked into the door of "Glazed and Infused" and saw that we were in an area shared by the doughnut shop, a restaurant (Davanti Enoteca) and a hotel lobby (Courtyard by Marriott). There were about 20-25 people in line for doughnuts and every person that came out told us it is well worth the wait. So we got in line. Some people chose to sit down in the restaurant which offered made-to-order breakfast, a bloody mary bar and ability to order doughnuts with breakfast from the table. If you waited in line, you could then sit at a few of the tables between the restaurant and the hotel lobby. It was awesome!… Continue reading →