Mojica(文字禍) and Bicycle(自転車) | Mojica Bicycle Tokyo
This is mogami74's photo blog.I am trying to publish this blog in English half for non-Japanese people, half for improving my English.A classic musician said that music is an only universal language. He is wrong. Photography is also. I learned little French but I like the photo of jump over a water taken near Saint- Lazare station. Regardez! But how about this blog? What piece of my photo can speak on behalf of my tongue? I am no professional photographer. I just love to take a photo just as I love to listen to music. Play it loud!For this blog I decided 2 themes I can enjoy (maybe, hopefully, you can). Hope these photo speak on behalf of me.MojicaI hesitated over which spell is the best for this word. First I would like to spell "Mosica" just like "Musica", German word for music. But in Japan "Mosica" will be pronounced like "mo-C-ca" not "mo-G-ca". "mo-C-ca" in Japanese language is "if ever" or "perhaps". No, that's not good.This word "Mojica" is not normal word in the