Inokashira Street and curry shops | Mojica Bicycle Tokyo
I found a sweet mini-velo at Inokashira-Street in Shibuya and took this photo. Some people call this street "Inogashira Street" but it seems not right. Street name is "Inokashira St." →井ノ頭通り - Wikipedia In Japanese language, some combination of words may cause a change of sounds. For example, "頭(kashira, ie. head)"→"稼ぎ頭(kasegi-gashira, ie. the most earning person)". So it sounds natural for us "Inogashira" as well. But don't worry, both "Inokashira" "Inogashira" is OK. We can understand which street you mean, anyway. Once a traveller lady showed me a note saying "Enokashira" line of train. I was not experienced Tokyo-walker at that time but finally I understood she meant "Inokashira". Inokashira Street is running center of Shibuya and it's very popular especially for young shopper. In my twenties', I was hanging around there. At that time Shibuya-kei(Shibuya- music) was a great movement, which, in my opinion, is influenced by neo-acoustic. SAMRAT is a popular, long running restaurant