Take The :30 Second Online Marketing Challenge | Philly Search Engine Marketing
Here are 2 quick tests to determine if your business is Local Search Engine Optimized. The tests should take no more than 30 seconds each. Go ahead, give it a try! Test 1: The Mobile Phone Test While you are in your place of business ask Siri: "Where Are The Best {insert your business category} Near me". For example if you own a pizza place ask Siri, "Where are the best pizza places near me?" If you don't have an iPhone, simply type it into the Google Search. If your business is in the first 2 or 3 results, you likely either have a 'reputation/review' problem or a 'listings' problem. After all you are sitting right there in your place of business, and your business should appear first, right? Test 2: The Listings Test Enter your Business Name, Address and Phone Number into this Free Listings Scan Tool (don't worry, nobody will call or save your information--we're doing this as a free service and respect your privacy). The tool will determine if your business is listed accurately across