The Link between Animal Abuse and Elder Abuse - PetsEmpower
By PHIL ARKOW Coordinator, the National Link Coalition ● ● 856-627-5118 Research into the human-animal bond confirms that pets can enhance the emotional and physical health of seniors, both in a therapeutic context and particularly in daily living. Pets can provide companionship, emotional support, daily exercise, a sense of purpose, security, and opportunities for staying social. Service animals can assist seniors who have hearing, visual or physical disabilities. Acquiring a pet can, under the right conditions, improve aging in place; where this is not feasible, animal-assisted therapy programs can bring visiting animals to seniors in long-term care, assisted living, memory units, adult day care, and other facilities. But there is, unfortunately, also a “dark side” of the human-animal bond in which animals become the victims of cruelty, abuse and neglect when ... Read More