Fabric Of Reality Project: Pleasure and a struggle -
Fabric Of Reality Project is a solo project of Rick Lambe, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. He says, «I have been involved with music all of my life. I have played in lots of bands from Irish, country, rock, prog, soul & blues bands, and played with famous and not so famous people. I tutor guys and girls in guitar, bass and music production, and I make lots of music in various styles». Fabric Of Reality Project `s new and sophmore album Unforeseen Circumstances was released some days ago, and Lambe says that it was both a pleasure and a struggle to put it together. Originally the album was scheduled for May! The album lasts almost 66 minutes, so Lambe obviously has a lot to share with listeners. In addition to Lambe there are four other musician that contribute to Unforeseen Circumstances. Two of them are with surename Lambe, and it is reasonable to assume the two are in family with Rick Lambe?! He handles drums, keyboards, 12 string acoustic guitar, 6 String acoustic guitar, electric guitars, slide guitar and newspapers on the album. The track The Storm, Lambe also says «There were series of setbacks after setbacks but after lots of [...]