Pombajira: A dark horse ready to run you over -
Pombajira was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, late 2017 a.i. by Hellson Röcha (ex- Grave Desecrator)as vocal/guitars and Blizzard as guitars and bass. Later on, the addition of T. Splatter (from Velho, Lápide and many others) as drummer, helped the embodiment of this project. Soon Pombajiira will release the self-titled debut album. Listen on Bandcamp. Pombajira is a six-song excavation of deathly doom draped in darkness and dirtiness! In fact, after the record’s 30 minutes of pulsing, punishing filth, it’ll take you at least a week just to feel clean again! Or, imagine Pentagram’s most earth-shaking doom moments integrated into the atmosphere of Celtic Frost’s Into The Pandemonium, creating a ritualistic and ecstatic trance… Truly, Pombajira`s debut album is a bolt from the blue – a dark horse ready to run you over! Directly influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, Hellhammer, Venom, Pentagram, as well as others of a similar dark ilk. Pombajira` moniker derives from their Afro-Brazilian cultural roots and serves as a foundation to flirt with the enigmatic spiritual imagery and sometimes superstitious atmosphere which is around them. In addition to their personal experiences, the band is influenced by magic, rebellion, sarcasm, and darkness. Immortal Bytes is [...]