The Fërtility Cült: Astral travelers and planewalkers -
According to the psychedelic prog band The Fërtility Cült they received a Nobel Price for space travelling in 1969! It is hardly true, but shows that the Finish musicians have humor. What is more up to the truths is that the band plays the doomy side of prog, the rock side of jazzy, and the banal side of the exquisite. Their new album Kosmodysseia was released some weeks ago. The Fërtility Cült is a band of astral travellers and planewalkers fulfilling pledges to preternatural cosmic cow deities and hypersensual fertility priestesses channeling aural psychotropic revelations from time immemorial through subterranean cults of clandestine rites of fervent nefarious fluid exchanges taking place in ancient isthmic necropolises inhabited by keepers of arcane legacies of feline-headed copulatress hierophants practicing idolatry of lascivious demiurge vixens while listening to Black Sabbath. The band states, «Tampere in the early 2000s was a very special time and a place to be a part of. It was nothing like San Francisco in the middle of the 60s though. But it was a time when young men born several decades too late could team up to bring sacred offerings to the altars of the Ancients, the Old Ones». «In [...]