Trauma: With fierce and solemn hymn -
Trauma is a wound or an injury, but actually it`s also a Norwegian football team! In a musical context the band name Trauma is used by at least fifteen bands. Our Trauma is a legendary thrash metal band born and bred the San Francisco Bay Area. The band recently made their comeback with a new album entitled As The World Dies. With a fierce and solemn hymn to self-revenge, the band is now pleased to reveal the new unmissable lyric video for the tune Savage! Kris Gustofson (drums) says: «The new lyric video is just epic! The concept of the song is basically about a woman in major distress due to the horrid sex trade, and other womanizing operations that exist in many places on the planet, and she finally gets a break and takes out major revenge by going Savage. We really hope metal fans will like this». The lyric video has been created by the Italian video maker Marco Testa and it’s a strong visual portrayal of the still current and tragically theme of the exploitation of women’s bodies but this time with a final appropriate payback. Trauma was born in California’s Bay Area in 1980, a crucial [...]