Cabrakaän: Vucub-­‐Camé, lord of the Mayan underworld -
Mexican symphonic metal group Cabrakaän have released a new official video for the track Calm In My Storm, taken from their forthcoming EP Cem Anahuac My Home. Here’s the bands synopsis: «Calm In My Storm represents the spirit of our beloved ones that are no longer here, though always watch over us. The ones whose memories give us the strength to keep going no matter what. In the video, the main character chases that spirit in the cold, the only thing she has left from it, is a memory that she keeps all the time next to her heart (it’s represented with the mud figure of Vucub-­‐Camé, lord of the Mayan underworld). In the end, the spirit appears in front of her and they become one forever». Cabrakaän was formed in Toluca, Mexico by Marko Cipäktli and Pat Cuikäni in 2012, and have been calling Canada home since first performing in the country at the 2017 Metalocalypstick fest in Lone Butte, BC where the beauty of the North won them over and encouraged them to make the grand decision to relocate. Their debut EP Songs From Anahuac was unleashed in 2014 and displayed a mix of death, folk, and symphonic [...]