Invicts: 12 months writing mode -
s-Hertogenbosch is a municipality and city in the Netherlands. The famous St. Johan Cathedral is located here. The progressive melodic death metallers The Invict is also located here. The band have release their debut full-length A Sun That Never Sets on November 5th via Profane Records after being into writing mode for the last 12 months. The band comments: «We have been working incredibly hard on our debut full-length so it feels great to finally release this record into the world. We truly hope you enjoy it as much as we did writing, recording and playing those songs. Bang your head and hopefully see you on the road! We would love to hear what you think. The Invicts was born in late 2013. The music the four Dutchmen create together is their take on modern death-metal, combining other subgenres such as black metal, progressive metal and groove metal. Those influences and combinations coalesced together in their own pretty unique sound. In August 2015 The Invict released their debut EP This Cracking Shelter which was well received and they have played shows and festivals since. Link: Facebook Relatert