Patient & Public Involvement - PenCLAHRC Stories
What do you think about medical research? Are we focusing in the right area? Do our findings make sense? Will they make a difference? Since 2009 a determined public group has been working with clinicians and academics to answer these questions and help maximise the benefits of health research. The Peninsula Patient and Public Involvement Group, or PenPIG for short, consists of a diverse group of individuals from across the South West, many of whom have lived experience of long-term medical conditions, and who share an interest in improving both the visibility and impact of medical research. The group meet regularly to discuss proposals, help disseminate findings, and coordinate user involvement. By placing patients at the centre of its research, PenCLAHRC is hoping to boost the relevance and application of its findings. Kate Boddy, Research Fellow at PenCLAHRC, works closely with PenPIG and believes the group’s input is vital to ensure research has relevance to the end-user:“Patients and members of the public provide a different way of looking at things that can ground our studies with practical experience. By listening to people who live with the conditions we’re studying, we can ensure those who are meant to benefit have a say in shaping the research agenda.”