Fitness Master Fruit Infuser Water Bottle (32 Ounce) – BPA Free Plastic, Leak Proof, Lockable Lid and Rubber Grips on Infusion Bottles | Peak Health 4U
YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO DRINK MORE WATER, SO TURN IT INTO A REFRESHING BEVERAGE INFUSED WITH NATURAL FLAVOR!The Fitness Master Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is the ultimate infuser water bottle - drink smart and healthy!Along with a proper diet and cardio exercise, the Fitness Fruit Infuser Water Bottle will help you get on track to a healthier you!Check out the benefits of the Fitness Master Fruit Infuser Water Bottle: - Hydrate or detox your body the fun and energizing way by drinking water infused with flavorful fruit and herbs - Reduce sugar intake and preservatives, and save money too! - Portable, lightweight, easy to use, and goes anywhere you goHere's what you'll get: - BPA Free Plastic Infuser Water Bottle - Fruit Infuser Basket Insert with Infuser CapSO CLICK THE ADD TO CART BUTTON - Get one for you and the entire family too!