Travel Journal: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture | PC Gaming Experience
1984, Shropshire (England), Yaughton Valley. Something mysterious happened... something that you as the player need to find out while exploring the now deserted towns. The inhabitants have literally vanished, disappeared without leaving a single trace behind. Your only clue is a bunch of floating orbs of light, swimming in the air and guiding you through the valley's untold story. Telephones and radios still holding registered reports, pieces of the tale you need to reconstruct to solve the puzzle. This is what Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is about, an Indie title developed by The Chinese Room and SIE Santa Monica Studio, released for PS4 in 2015 and PC the following year. Note: Travel Journal is a new series I'm introducing and its purpose is to highlight all those games that allow you to walk around freely and let you enjoy the environments without any sort of UI element, map or marker for a more realistic experience. In this game the player will have a perfectly clear view of