Otome Review: Love Brings You Home (Taiyo's Route) | PC Gaming Experience
Love Brings You Home is one of the many Otome titles written by Voltage Inc and currently available on the Love 365 app, which is constantly updating with new series and routes even adding old standalone games into it. Taiyo Inami is one of the characters in the series and I managed to take a look at his main story in the past few days being available for free (it expired, so if you want to read it you have to purchase it). As someone who always loved playing games with different routes and choices, I found Otome visual novels very fun and pleasant to read/play. It's not that easy though to get stories that perfectly match my tastes and mindset, since the protagonist needs to behave in specific ways in order to feel more like myself. Every series has a free prologue that gives you a general overview about the novel and the kind of life the main character leads. In this case, you as the protagonist are living alone in your grandmother's house and working for a toys industry in Yokohama