Otome Games: Mystic Messenger | PC Gaming Experience
Today I bring you something different from my usual gaming posts. If you happen to be already interested in Japanese/Korean comics and cartoons (originally called manga/manhwa and anime), Otome games could represent a good company for your tiring and lonely days. Mystic Messenger is by far one of the most played adventures of this kind, so get comfy, grab a drink and some tissues on the way, because you're going to undertake quite a long and deep ride! Alright, at this point you may wonder what Otome games are if you never played anything of that sort. These installments are usually created for a female audience (but I'm sure anyone could enjoy them without gender and sexuality distinction) and the player has the chance to personally take part into the stories also building a romantic relationship with one of the characters they can interact with. These games are more commonly known as "dating simulators", although I honestly hate calling them that way. Otomes are usually built as