Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy: A Final Fantasy and Dead Or Alive Crossover | PC Gaming Experience
Epic acrobatic battles, magic, adrenaline, mystery... many of you may still remember the incredible Dead Fantasy series, CG product created from scratch by the talented artist Monty Oum and certainly one of the best fanmade animations of all times. His Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts and Dead or Alive crossover still remains in our memories, while Monty sadly is no longer among us due to a physical complication which took him away from this world at a very young age. Monty (Monyreak) Oum was an American (with Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese roots) animator and writer, hired by Rooster Teeth (internet production company), creator of Red vs. Blue's custom animations and RWBY. The majority of gamers like myself discovered him through the non-profit series Dead Fantasy, featuring the main characters from Final Fantasy VII (Tifa, Cloud, Vincent), VIII (Rinoa), X-2 (Yuna, Rikku) and Kingdom Hearts (Kairi, Naminé), vs the girls and boys from Dead Or Alive (Hitomi, Ayane, kasumi,