ASUS FX503VM-E4039T Gaming Laptop Review and Alternatives | PC Gaming Experience
Today I want to talk about a product that might be of interest for you: the ASUS FX503VM-E4039T gaming laptop. I've been a PC gamer for quite some time now and I always preferred desktop computers for their durability and better hardware in general. However, I recently decided to save money for a good laptop in order to have a second machine for my work (better being safe than sorry, right?) and I went for something that I could also use to play new generation games. There are different models of this series though, plus other gaming laptops that may differ in price and specs. Here's my honest review for the E4039T and a list of alternatives you can check for a wider choice! Overview The moment you want to go for a gaming computer, not only you have to pay attention to its hardware for a decent performance, but also the brand. Not all the expensive laptops are as reliable as you'd expect, forcing you to replace them after a very short time from the purchase or send it in for repairs.