Article 13 and the future of our internet | PC Gaming Experience
UPDATE: There are some very important news about the article, which you can read here. Apparently, our voice has been heard and Article 13 as it is has been rejected by the majority of Governments in January. We shouldn't play the victory fanfare just yet though. Changes can still be made and I doubt they'll give up on the law that easily. Keep spreading your voice and oppose against it until it's fully over! I'm sure you have seen this topic over and over again pretty much everywhere in the past month or so, but it's probably one of the most important and serious matters ever discussed online. Article 13 is going to affect not only creators from Europe, but basically the entire world if it gets approved the way it is. Please keep reading if you want to know more and take part in our movement to stop this madness from happening before it gets too late. We thought we would never face something of these proportions. "Tha's impossible", "they can't just destroy social media", "nah, it