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Was Nietzsche an aristocratic elitist? Nietzsche is often portrayed as an aristocratic elitist, whose main concern was with the higher morals and who strongly opposed any type of herd mentality. Although this is generally true, albeit very crudely formulated (and indeed oversimplified), for some reason there is also a consideration that because Nietzsche was concerned with higher morals, he was therefore also an elitist aristocrat in his political views, disavowing any sense of egalitarian community. He is considered to be staunchly opposed to democratic principles, or to any form of politics which aims towards equality. In what follows, I will (1) go over passages where Nietzsche criticises democracy; I will then (2) present passages where Nietzsche seems to be in favour of egalitarian principles; and finally (3) I will show why we should not be drawing conclusions about Nietzsche's political views too quickly. Critique of democracy and egalitarianism I have long written about