Kenyan lawyer sues 'Israel' for killing Jesus | Paradox of the day .com
Kenyan lawyer sues 'Israel' for killing Jesus This is admittedly some old news, but it just came to my attention recently. As it happens, a Kenyan lawyer - Dola Indidis - is suing Israel (among other entities, including the state of Italy, King Herod and Emperor Tiberius - as well as the very vague ones 'Jewish teachers of law' and 'Jewish elders') for the death of Jesus Christ. His aim is to bring those responsible to justice. An admirable aim, no doubt. That a case is closed for 2.000 years is no reason not to take it seriously. More so, if we consider that this particular case has such a significance to a large amount of people across the globe; and that Jesus' views have had and still have such an impact on the way we act, the laws we have, etc. etc. etc. But here is the interesting part - and what makes this supposed 'case' particularly problematic. There was no state of Israel at the time, nor one of Italy. King Herod had little to do with Jesus directly - he died in 4 BCE,