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Ippolit Belinski You can submit all your interesting paradoxes that you want me to analyze, or take a look at, from my perspective. If you want to analyze a paradox yourself, there is the comments section. If that is not enough, drop me an email, and I will create a post with your name (in the long run, if there is going to be one, I just might make you a writer). You are welcome to reproduce fractions of this blog, as long you give due credit to this website. This includes other blogs (for private and commercial use), but not direct printing and whole article copies. For translations, please contact me. Note: I speak 7 languages, and I will understand if the translation is messed up, unless it's Urdu or something. Who the hell are you to tell us about paradoxes and morality? You aren't one of those moral crusaders are you? I am a contradiction, hence the blog. Just an average guy who has a little time to spare and likes to question things. I am doing my PhD in philosophy, and an