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I’m a newcomer to the hobby of fountain pens by any definition of the word. I first became interested in fountain pens in 2017 when I noticed a classmate using a Lamy Safari during a lecture. I consider myself a digital person, but I’ve always loved stationery and the physical act of writing things down. After badgering my classmate for information about his pens, I started doing some research. The first thing I found was a Fountain Pen Network post from 2009 discussing the limited options for New Zealanders who wanted to get their hands on fountain pens and FP-friendly paper. Online seemed the most viable option, so I kept looking. Eventually I found my way to a Lamy Safari Petrol, and so began the descent. In the past year, I’ve continued to search for ways to get my hands on more fountain pens and related stationery. Just in the space of that year I’ve seen the community grow and the interest in fountain pens spread. With contributing to the community in mind, I’ve made a list of NZ-based retailers with an online presence. This is not a comprehensive list, but it’s my hope that it’ll be of help to those wanting to get into the hobby as I did. I look forward to hearing about and discovering more. I have received no compensation from any store below to be listed here. I chose them either because I have shopped with them in the past or believe them to be reputable. They are listed in alphabetical order and I’ve tried to highlight some interesting things that they carry. New Zealand Retailers Shop names in bold are specialty pen retailers. Europens (Online) Pen specialty supplier with some higher end brands like Montblanc and Pelikan. Fitzgerald Taylor (Online & physical) Stationery retailer carrying Lamy, Pilot (including the Falcon and Vanishing Point), and the Midori Traveler’s Notebook range. Gordon Harris (Online & physical) Primarily an art supply store, but carries Lamy, Staedtler, and Monteverde pens. Stocks Fabriano notebooks and paper as well as Leuchtturm1917. Carries standard Monteverde inks. Inkt (Online & physical) Pen specialty store with wide range of fountain pens, ink, parts, notebooks, and accessories. Carries Kaweco and Omas pens among many other brands. Mighty Ape (Online) A big online retailer that sells a wide variety of things, including stationery and you’ll find fountain pens in their fine writing range. They carry Pilot, Lamy (including notably the Lamy Joy), and some novelty Sheaffer pens. Ink-wise, they carry some of the Pilot Iroshizuku range (which occasionally goes on a significant sale), J. Herbin, and Lamy. OfficeMax (Online & physical) Carry the Pilot Vanishing Point/Capless, Falcon, Prera, Metropolitan (as MR), and the disposable V pens. Has Iroshizuku range, but only in the 15ml sizes. Unsure if these are available in physical stores. PB Tech (Online & physical) I have no idea why PB Tech carries fountain pens but they do. Unsure if they have them in physical stores. Carries Pilot and Monteverde pens, has the full range of Iroshizuku ink. Pen Classics (Online) Pen specialty store with wide range of fountain pens, ink, parts, notebooks, and accessories. Carries a lot of brands not available elsewhere in NZ, for example Organics Studio, Osprey Pens, De Atramentis, Nock Co. Pepa Stationery (Online & physical) Stationery retailer with a lot of FP-friendly notebooks and accessories, but only plastic fountain pens. Carries Baron Fig notebooks and pensPhysical store in Christchurch. Zany (Online) Stationery supplier with some fountain pens, ink, and notebooks. Carries Rhodia and Clairefontaine notepads and notebooks. Whitcoulls and Paper Plus also carry some fountain pens and accessories. They’re a good way for beginners to go in and physically try out something like a Pilot Metropolitan or a Lamy Safari/Al-Star, however the range is limited and can vary between locations. Warehouse Stationery occasionally has decent discounts on their fine writing section which includes Lamy Safaris, Al-Stars, and some Parkers. They’re all in plastic packaging and only come in one nib size, which is why I don’t recommend it if you’re wanting to get a feel for one. For some mysterious reason, they do not stock bottled ink. International Retailers There are lots of great fountain pen retailers out there, however not all of them provide cheap shipping to this end of the world. I’ve listed shops that I found to have reasonable (starting under $20 NZD) shipping to New Zealand. The prices will generally differ depending on the size and weight of a parcel. The site name links go to the page that lists shipping rates. New Zealand/Australian Fountain Pen Groups Other than the old staples FPN and FPGeeks, there are a few places you can go to chat about pens with fellow Oceanians: Fountain Pens New Zealand (Facebook Group) Fountain Pens Oceania (Facebook Group) I’ll be writing and posting reviews of various pen-related things going forward. I hope to compile a reference list of stores, including overseas, that offer reasonable shipping. Feel free to chat to me on Instagram, drop a comment, or email me. All opinions expressed on this post are my own, and the post contains a few Mighty Ape referral links. Updated 6/6/2018: Added Pepa StationeryUpdated 10/6/2018: Added International Retailers tableUpdated 12/05/2019: Notes to Self has closed down. Added PB Tech, Mighty Ape, OfficeMax and acknowledge Warehouse Stationery.Updated 25/08/2019: Removed Notes to Self. Added Cult Pens to the International Retailers table.