Punjab Schools MEA LND Test Practice Apps | Pakword
Govt. of the Punjab School education department is going to facilitate to Govt. schools students. Now a days Govt. schools are facing some problem because higher authorities has ordered to purchase Tab for class 3 LND MEA test practice. Schools have purchased TAB'S for LND test practice. But now they are facing LND MEA test practice app. How LND Test practice apps can download on TAB. When MEA's come to schools to Monitoring and Evaluation every month, they took test from 3 class students on their own tabs. While answering questions on TABS students are facing problem to solve some questions due to non practice using of tabs. So, higher authorities of school education department have ordered to all heads of schools to purchase TABS for students practice. I think mostly schools primary, middle & high have purchased TABS. Here you will find MEA LND Test Practice Apps for 3 class students test. LND 3 Class Test Software For Tabs Download I will share you all methods of installing and