Mad Mimi Gem | Ozéias Sant'ana
Mad Mimi is an email marketing service that allows users to create, send and track email campaigns in a fresh novel way without using templates. This gem adds a Mad Mimi integration in your ruby application to deliver emails and manage your Mad Mimi audience. Install: gem install mad_mimi Documentation: Usage Examples: require "rubygems" require "mad_mimi" # Sets the MadMimi configuration options. Best used by passing a block. MadMimi.configure do |config| config.username = "YourMadMimiEmailAddress" config.api_key = "YourMadMimiApiKey" end # Sending transactional email MadMimi.mailer.mail({ :promotion_name => "Welcome", :recipients => "Ozéias Sant'Ana " }) # Performs an audience search and returns the up to the first 100 results. MadMimi.audience.search # Get Audience Members MadMimi.audience.members # Get all Audience Lists MadMimi.audience.lists # Add Audience List Membership MadMimi.audience.add_to_list('Clients', {:first_name => 'Ozéias', :last_name