Disabling Cache in the Orkut Sandbox | Ozéias Sant'ana
Orkut caches application XML specs to minimize the number of times that each file has to be fetched, saving bandwidth and reducing user latency. Caching is great for cases where many users are requesting your application, but can be disruptive during application development when you want to see each change as soon as you update your application's code. Fortunately, you can disable this caching mechanism by appending &bpc=1 to the URL of any profile or application canvas page. This "bypass cache" parameter instructs orkut to pull a fresh version of the gadget XML from your server rather than the version currently in its cache. For example, if you are viewing: You can view the uncached version by navigating to: But it is very tedious task to append &bpc=1 to the application pages everytime you want to see the latest version. Now, you can use