Sticky Note Countdown – Our Boy Life
Another change is coming for our little family. We’re moving again! It’s just to a different part of the city, but it’s a house, an actual house! It’s the kind of house that we can stay in forever, so we’re super excited! It’s an older home, so be watching in the coming months for posts about our projects around the house. In preparation for our move, I decided to make a little countdown. I though sticky notes would be an easy way of making a chain countdown and they would be small too. It fit just perfectly on our chalkboard. Unfortunately, my genius plan wasn’t so genius after all as the sticky just wasn’t sticky enough to hold them together. It would still be super cute, but you’d need to add some tape to keep them from falling apart. I decided to go a different route, however, and make a different countdown. I just cut the standard size sticky notes into thirds and then wrote the dates and number of days until our move. Simple, quick and easy.