TUTORIAL: How to Grow Somniferum Poppies Part 1
TUTORIAL: How to Grow Somniferum Poppies - Gardening Resources -15+ years in the making- w/ Informative Videos, Poppy Photography- Our Famous 'How to Grow' TUTORIAL is featured™) • Planting Poppy Seeds Poppies CAN be very easy to grow, and can also grow almost anywhere in the world, and require very little maintenance (once they get going). Generally speaking, growing poppies can be done almost anywhere. • HOW to plant, simply cast seeds on top of loose, moist soil. No need to bury them – but you can gently press them into the ground, • Poppy Seeds can be planted in either FALL, early SPRING, or BOTH (depending on how Mild your Winters are. Week 2-3 Germination Tips.. • They prefer Temperatures to be between º33 and º65 Degrees (F) or º1-º18 Degrees (C) for germination. But can withstand warmer Temps when Mature. YES, they DO need LIGHT to Germinate and HATE Transplanting