TUTORIAL: How to Grow Somniferum Poppies Part 4
Poppies don't need to be watered too often Maybe once or twice a week is fine. But when you do water, give it a nice soaking. This will promote strong root growth. Poppies also like as much sun as possible. Put them in an open field where they will get a lot of sun. Up until this point, poppies can seem to be very "slow growing". Many people worry if their Poppies might be "Stunted" (which DOES happen). But, once the Poppy reaches this "Cabbage Stage", it will go into 'RAPID GROWTH'. Especially if it's getting at least a few hours of FULL SUN each day. That's because the Sun beats down on all that Green Foliage, absorbing mass amounts of energy, then suddenly it's like a Photo-Synthetic Explosion!!