TUTORIAL: How to Grow Somniferum Poppies Part 2
Part 2 (of 5) - Be sure to be aware of all the creatures that will ruin your poppy growing experience. Birds, for one, like to eat poppy seeds. So, since they're Planted right at Surface Level, and it can take up to TWO Weeks for them to Sprout, it gives them PLENTY of time and opportunity to snatch 'em up. So you may need protect against them using Plastic Domes (Cups), Netting, or Framed Fabric (depending on temps). WE WILL GO OVER THIS SHORTLY. But, NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE BIRDS! They will Mock you! -Another slimy Pest to Watch for are SLUGS (some are VERY TINY and only come out at night) and they like to eat young, tender Sprouts, and I've even seen them devour entire Seedlings in ONE Night. -SLUGGO is "PET SAFE", and seems to work but must be applied regularly, because of course, BIRDS will eat it the moment you apply it. So just be sure to mix in a piece of X-LAX in here & there (in case the Birds get Constipation) LOL.