Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy Complies Fully with all GDPR Standards~ DATA PROTECTION: First, just to be clear, does NOT Process or Store ANY 'Sensitive" Information such as Credit Cards, or any other Financial Data WHATSOEVER. This is why we ONLY accept Payment by sending you to a Trusted 3rd Party (i.e.: Paypal™) to Process Payment, where you are then Redirected back to our Website. WE ARE FULLY PCI COMPLIANT AND Protect All DATA Transmissions via 256-Bit SSL and CloudFlare™ Technology; For the Security and Safety of our *Customer's Data, we only use Reputable, and Trusted 3rd Party Payment Processors for all Transactions. (i.e.: Paypal™) This mainly has to do with the fact that does NOT Store, Log, or Process ANY"Sensitive Data" entered by the *User" during Checkout; This means we DO NOT Store it, nor can we Access it- IF WE TRIED! HERE ARE the THREE MAIN TYPES OF "DATA": • SENSITIVE: Data usually contains Financial,