The most charming hill town in Italy - Orvieto | oregon girl around the world
Picture it – tall svelte cypress trees standing sentinel along stony paths that lead to yellowing stuccoed homes in various states of disrepair. Grove after grove of pale silvery green olive trees and signs that beckon you stop - Olio - fresh pressed olive oil for sale. Vineyards march across rolling hills, but in February look sparse and austerely trimmed to their trellises awaiting new spring life. Groups of Italian flag lycra clad bicyclists roll past and it is easy to let the the Barber of Seville set the tempo in your head. Tiny vintage Fiats putter around the curves ahead of you and suddenly the vision of shoving your growing family of five sardine-style into one of those little rolling motor cans elicits a private smile. Putter on little Fiat.