Croatia for Food Lovers | oregon girl around the world
Croatia is tasty. For real. Really really tasty. And gorgeous. Jaw-droppingly stunning. At every turn. We just returned from a week exploring southern Dalmatia - between Split and Dubrovnik and are already missing the mild weather, beautiful sea and fresh, fresh seafood. Fresh like, plucked from the sea that morning fresh seafood. Sooo delicious. And unique. Croatia has a rich and colorful history, albeit tumultuous, dramatic and confusing at times. You can feel these varied historic influences all around you. In the language, in the architecture, in their approach to life. Slavic, Venetian, Austrian, Croatian and more. It all comes together and melds here. In a delicious and unique blend that is only Croatia. We loved it. It felt different, but approachable and inviting. And like I said, it is beyond beautiful. You can taste it in the cuisine. As the Adriatic cousin of Italy - this is the most obvious culinary connection. And while you will find risottos and pastas on most menus, Croatia does them in their own way. A rich and fertile landscape with a HUGE swath of beautiful coastline, the cuisine here has lots to offer the adventurous palate as well as the not-so adventurous. Me - I usually like trying it all.* My two youngest kids - not so much. They want things that look familiar. And are recognizeable. Sans sauces and layers. Basically without flavor. Oh well. We try to find a balance nourishing them while pushing their palates ever so slightly in the process. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it backfires and we have tired, hungry and cranky on our hands. Hangry is not pretty on a family trip. I said - it's a balance.