Corset Q& A Episode 92: Is it normal to have pain while corseting?
Hi there blog readers! This week we’re answering the question “Is it normal to have pain while corseting?” The short simple answer is NO corseting should never hurt. You might find that you feel a little awkward or that your muscles are a bit sore when you are getting used to wearing the corset but it should never cause pain. If you experience pain in your ribs and hips it’s possible that you are going a bit too gung ho and are wearing the corset either too tightly or for too long and need to back off just a bit. The other possibility is that the corset is a bit too narrow at the ribs or hips for your body and that you need a bit curvier style to be able to cinch in. If you find that you experience pain at any time when corseting please loosen it, take it off completely and get in touch with us here at customer service so we can help you out. Remember aching does not equal pain. 🙂 Related