So You Think You Can Decorate...Amber's Corset
So You Think You Can Decorate… Well heck yeah! I think I can do most anything, right? Maybe not anything… but I’m always up for a challenge. The first challenge to decorating a corset was finding my theme. I absolutely love the colors of the rainbow and thought to myself “Now, wouldn’t that be gorgeous on a corset?” I chose our CS-530 Black Brocade Overbust-style corset as a great background to the many colors of the rainbow. Favorite color, hmm, don’t limit me or there will be repercussions, haha! I’ll choose them all or at least many, and so I did. A trip to the local craft store and the help of a 40% off coupon and I selected my rhinestones, gem glue and glitter and spent a mere $15 (Which, by the way, is $15 under our total budget we were given for this challenge). Time was of the essence and much to my dismay I had dramatically underestimated the time it takes to “bedazzle.” I was a rock star and got it finished somewhere between an hour and half to two hours. I know, I surprised even myself! Somewhere over the rainbow…actually at the Orchard Corset lacing station…I found my perfect complement to the project, lovely satin laces which I double-laced for added color POP! Ain’t no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow but certainly this corset would turn some eyes 🙂 Also, I have to say thanks to my great teammate, Jen, for modeling my corset for me while I was on vacation! Doesn’t she look amazing? Related