Corset Q & A Episode 20: How do we pick the winner for the Weekly Corset Giveaway?
In our Corset Q & A series we’ll be giving you quick answers to some of the most common questions we get regarding steel boned corsets, waist training and corseting here at Orchard Corset. In this week’s episode we talk about a very important part of corseting… How to win a FREE corset! 😉 As many of you probably know, we give away a corset every Monday. We start accepting entries on Friday and everyone can enter once each day of the weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). Only enter once per day, as your entry will be invalidated if you try to stuff the ballot box! On Monday morning, Renee checks all the entries from the weekend to make sure everyone is playing fair and only entering once each day, then she calculates the number of entries and heads over to Random.org, enters the total number of entries and clicks the generate button. Voila! Out pops the winning number and she announces the winner on our Facebook page and sends them an email to let them know they won! Be sure to enter our Weekend Corset Giveaway every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and let us know in the comments if YOU have a burning question that you’d like to have answered! Related