In Your Words! Heather T's Waist Training Journey
Welcome to the very first post of our newest blog series, “In Your Words! ‘My’ Waist Training Journey“. Everyone here at Orchard Corset Headquarters is SUPER excited about this series, 1) We absolutely LOVE to hear your stories about waist training; and 2)It will really help other waist trainers understand why the answer to the question “How long does it take?” is always “It depends”! (because there are so MANY factors that contribute to successful waist training) Let’s start with a quick definition for readers who may not be totally familiar with waist training. Waist training is a form of body modification. We like to make the comparison to wearing braces to straighten your teeth. By continually applying pressure to your lower ribs and internal organs you can achieve a shift in both that will eventually give the you the hourglass shape when you are not wearing a corset. However after you’ve achieved your desired waistline, just like wearing your retainer after having your braces removed, you’ll have to continue with some “maintenance corseting” to retain the hourglass shape you worked so hard for. Latex cinchers and plastic boned fashion corsets aren’t appropriate for waist training as they are NOT able to apply the required pressure to the appropriate areas. Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time to meet Heather T! How long have you been waist training? 4 months How many days/week and hours/day do you wear your corset? 5-6 days a week, 4-6 hours a day What was the measurement of your uncorseted waist when you started and what is it now? start: 28″; current: 25.5″ What is your favorite corset to wear for waist training? CS-411 What was your biggest waist training challenge? The back pain! My back was sore for the first few weeks because my spine was straightening out. I have great posture now! I haven’t had many challenges other than that. What advice do you have for someone just getting started waist training? Start slow and season the corset correctly. Don’t rush yourself or the fabric. Wear a soft tanktop underneath it to keep from irritating your skin. Check out Lucy’s Corsetry on YouTube or the Orchard Corset Blog to educate yourself before jumping in. Good luck! Do you typically stealth corset or do you wear your corsets over your clothes? Luckily I work for a local business that sells steel boned corsets, so showing off mine is encouraged. However, I stealth corset to the grocery store and around town because I don’t much like all the attention I receive with having a purple mohawk, scalp tattoo, and a tiny waist. Waist training has been a journey of body modification for my own satisfaction, not for other people to think I am skinny, so stealth is my norm. What do you like to wear when you are corseted? My (almost) everyday outfit is skinny jeans and a sleeveless band tee, so stealth is easy. However, it is winter in Alaska, so I layer up. Most days, I have a cotton tanktop, leggings, jeans, corset, long sleeved shirt, t-shirt, hoodie. High waisted pants became a must for me because there is about an inch of skin between the bottom of my cs-411 and the top of my pants that gets irritated when I’m walking around. When I wear a dress, I often pull my leggings/tights up underneath the corset to hold them up all day. The dresses I wear with a corset are all loose on the bottom half and flare out from the corset. I notice that my skin has to go somewhere, and it usually puffs out the bottom and I don’t think it’s flattering so I don’t wear tight dresses. Have you changed your diet & exercise habits while waist training? i.e. are you losing weight while you are waist training? I definitely eat differently while waist training. I now eat lots of small snacks throughout my day instead of heavy, large meals 2 or 3 times a day. I notice that on days where I am letting my body rest, I can eat a lot more than I usually do. For full meals, I take that thing off and eat to my heart’s content! I have lost about 5 pounds since I started waist training, but I am not looking to lose weight because I am 120 pounds already. What has been your favorite part of corseting & waist training? I love to talk to women about corsets and get them fitted into something that makes them feel confident and sexy. A lot of women tell me they have always wanted to try wearing corsets but didn’t think they came in their size (usually women looking for size 30+). Word is getting out that corsets are in style and easy to get! Related