Corset 101: Too Little Curve or Too Much Curve
Does This Corset Make My Hips Look Big? Or do my hips make this corset look big? Hello OC Blog Readers! This is an extension of our Goldilocks video blog, but this time we are concentrating on the style or shape of the corset. Sometimes the corset is the right size, but wrong style. This happens most with our 426, which is not only longer but has a very large hip spring. Smaller women with smaller hips will find they have a gap at the bottom edge. Even with my hips (full hip 41″ and upper hip 37″), I can easily fully close the bottom of my 426, but not the waist (27.5″) of my size 22. The opposite can happen with the CS-305 Silhouette Level 1 Corset. My hips are bit too big for this corset. I can wear it, but I usually size up to a 24 so that it doesn’t feel too tight against my hips. Women or men with smaller hips and a larger rib cage will often find the CS-411 or CS-305 more comfortable to wear upside down. Fuller figured women with enough “squish” will find that they don’t need to worry about not enough hip, as the corset will redistribute the weight from the tummy to fill out the corset. But our smaller ladies and lads do need to consider their hip-waist ratio when ordering a corset-especially if you are more firm than soft. However, our plus size beauties with full hips (higher hip-waist ratio) will need to be sure they are choosing a corset with ample curve. (We hope to have a Level 4 summer/fall 2014 ~ fingers crossed.) For example, someone with a 45″ waist and an upper hip measurement of 48 inches will not have trouble filling out the CS-426 (assuming they have the torso length) in a size 36 or 38 depending on corset use and goals. But this same person could wear the CS-411 or the CS-305 as well. On the flip side the same 45″ with a 56″ upper hip will need the larger hip spring offered by the 426. It’s important to remember off-the-rack corset sizing is not an exact science. The sizing experts here at Orchard Corset do the best that we can with the information we get from our customers. So much can depend on personal tolerances for compression, your goals for your corset, what you wear under your corset, the “squish vs firm” factor and the list goes on. Take the time to get accurate measurements and look at the shape and dimensions listed for each of our styles, while considering your desired results. And of course-we are always happy to help here at OC-check us out on Live Chat or email! Related