Selecting the Perfect Corset: Sizing and Style Tips, part 2
Corset Shopping Guide for the Novice Corset Buyer Welcome to part 2 of our informal, but informative collection of helpful tips and tidbits to navigate the novice corset buyer through the sometimes tricky waters finding the perfect off-the-rack corset. In this article we will discuss overbust vs underbust corset styles and corset lengths. Missed Part 1? Check it out here. Overbust vs Underbust This is mostly a matter of preference and what your corset-wearing plans are. First-time corset wearers will find an underbust corset easier to fit, wear and break-in than and overbust corset. However, if you plan to wear your corset out on the town or for a specialty event and need an overbust corset-then an overbust corset it is! In addition to your waist, upper hip and underbust measurements-you will also need your cup size. Most off-the-rack corsets do not offer adequate bust room for women with an ample bosom. Orchard Corset offers two overbust styles, CS-511 and the CS-530. The 530 has a more bust room and does not require the full hip needed to fill out the 511. There are some lacing tips at the end of this blog you may find useful. See part 1 for information on how to use the Silhouette Level Chart once you have your measurements. What’s Your Length? Corsets, like people, come in different lengths. At Orchard Corset we carry 3 basic corset lengths, with subtle variations of each. The first is our standard length corset, which includes the CS-411, CS-426 short, CS-305, CS-530 and the CS-345 (long at the front but not the sides). These corsets work for folks with a torso of about 9″ or more. The second is our longline corsets. Longline corsets will need a torso length of about 11″ or more to allow the wearer to sit while corseted. The CS-426 and CS-511 are our longline corsets. The CS-345 could fall into the longline realm as well. We now also offer wasp waist or mini corsets, the CS-301 and CS-201 both that can accommodate torso lengths of only about 7.5″, but work great on just about everyone! One reason for choosing one length over the other is your shape-longer torsos need a longer corset and vise-versa. But the choice could simply be a matter of style. If you are looking for a curvy accessory to wear over a cute top or dress, a standard or short length might be perfect. The shorter length makes everyday tasks easier as well. However, some women worry about creating a bulge between the corset and their jeans. A longline corset worn on an average torso (remember-need 11″ to wear comfortably) will come down around the top edge of the hip and prevent any unwanted bulge.Our longline corsets (511, 426 and 426 w/ hip ties) have ample room in the hips and need a fuller hip to fill the “pockets”. It’s worth noting that different styles vary as to side length and accent points that create longer lines. A tip from our in-house model, Danielle: It’s OK to adjust the loops on your corset (see corset lacing instructions) to align with your natural waist (within reason-one set of grommets only so you don’t stray too far from the waist tape reinforcement). For example, I have a long waist, which means the smallest part of my waist is lower than most belted tops or dresses attach the belt…or in this case where the pull loops are usually placed on the corset. I find if I re-lace the corset and moves the pull loops down, the corset laces more evenly. Larger busted women may find this helpful when lacing an overbust corset as well. Related