Pachinko Review | Optimum Gambling
If you visit Japan, you are likely to come across these lively machines. – Image: Flickr Something interesting about gambling is the fact that it is really just an activity that was born from the human nature to feel the excitement from taking risks. When you have something to lose but risking it can also result in a greater outcome, this causes a kind of arousal in human beings. When people gamble and bet on something, they ask themselves questions such as "did I choose the right team?", "are these finally my winning numbers?", and "is all that money that I spent going to finally pay off?" These questions, the anticipation, and the thrill of gambling all activate natural chemicals in our bodies such as adrenaline and endorphins, and they sort of give us a high. For this very reason, people come up with all kinds of new ways to maximize their experience with gambling, and one out of these many ways is through the casino game known as pachinko. As such, this article will be a "pachinko