Fortnite Next Top eSport | Optimum Gambling
If you can't make an educated guess as to who the winner of a sports match will be, you're better off trying your luck on the roulette wheel. For a video game to become the subject of gambling it should first be an eSport with tracked statistics. Fortnite gained a lot of interest lately. With at least 45 million players and over 3 million concurrent users at the time of writing, this game has attracted a plethora of competitive gamers. Everyone's question is, will this be the next big eSport? With any game, possibly the most controversial topic is whether or not it's a valid candidate for competitive play. As soon as the game began to kick off, there was a constant debate as to whether or not Fortnite would get involved in eSports, and nobody could say for certain. On one hand, it was an original game with a massive skill-gap. On the other hand, it's a battle royale game which causes a lot of problems. Normally, any game with a broad skill-gap will incentivize competitive play. This