Running tips for beginners - OneManEngine
So you decided you need to start running, but a short jog to the end of the street already looks like quite an achievement to you? Not to worry, everybody has to start somewhere. We’ve gathered seven running tips for beginners and general rookies struggling to get better. Before you’ll know it that 5K or half Marathon is a piece of cake. Running tip 1: Proper Shoes Wearing the right shoes is very important, especially if running is becoming your hobby. As everybody is different, everybody’s feet are different too. Got to a store where they give proper advice on what shoes to get. Usually this includes you run a short bit where a specialist has a look at how your feet behave. Usually this is free of charge. So don’t go to SuperSportsDiscount, spend your money right and prevent injuries! Also, you want to throw them out sooner than you might think. As you use your shoes, they wear, maybe not visibly, but the cushioning deteriorates every step you make.Some say sooner, some say later, but after about 600 miles (or roughly 1000 km) you will want to replace those shoes. Running tip 2: Take it easy Again on injury prevention, learning to pace [...]