Polar V800 in-depth review - OneManEngine
Polar was kind enough to lend me a V800 to do this review. I was very pleased with this, but soon I had a problem. As to be honest, I didn’t know where to start. The list of functions is simply overwhelming and Polar keeps adding new stuff to it. One thing that is obvious is that on looks this watch is a winner, the sleek black and metal make it very casual and not an attention seeker. It’s a bit big on my wrists, but as you may know, I have very tiny wrists. The Polar V800 comes in a very nice box and optionally you can get it with the heart rate monitor: And all the items you want combined: You can also get the Polar Bluetooth Cadence and Speed sensors: The screen is black and white and has excellent readability in very bright conditions. But on to the features! Swim When the V800 was released the support for swimming was minimal, but Polar added swim metrics via a firmware update and is planning to increase the number of metrics and options. This is a really good selling point of the watch, there is active development on it, even today as I’m writing [...]