Garmin Forerunner 910XT and 920XT compared - OneManEngine
I finally had my hands on a 920XT and got the chance to have the 910 and 920 watches together to compare them, as expected, technically the watches are a bit different (you can read my blogpost about the 920XT). But in short the 920XT is the evolved version of the 910XT with more support for swimming drills, more running metrics and brought up to our current connected world. With live connectivity and it’s own WiFi & Bluetooth to connect to the internet/your phone or computer it makes synchronising a whole lot easier. Gathering information from sensors is the same, Garmin sticks to its ANT+ technology. Triathlon Especially for triathlon the 910XT is (well, with the new 920 I should say, was..), the ultimate watch to use. Garmin took what they learned and really improved on where the 910 was lacking. Swimming wise, the 920 has better support for drills and you can do a bit of rest planning with the 920 telling you when you have to push off again. Where the 910 basically can only record your swim metrics. Cycling wise not a lot has changed, there were some misconceptions around the 920xt supporting Bluetooth for sensors, but it only uses Bluetooth so [...]