Mida - Olivethenoms
While dining at Mida a couple of nights prior to my chat with chef / owner Douglass Williams, I felt as if I had been transported to the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Mida’s swanky lighting, mid-century vibe, and bustling atmosphere (both inside and outside of the restaurant), is particularly reminiscent of a little island we call Manhattan. I knew that this restaurant, in this area, was way ahead of its time. Similar to those pioneer restaurants that were established many years ago in the Lower East Side, Mida sits at the intersection of two disparate worlds. Its charming South End location straddles the border between one of the wealthiest, and one of the most underserved communities in all of Boston. Chef Douglass bridges this divide by creating dishes that can be enjoyed by any palate. The food is spectacular; the actual cuisine is simple but the ingredients and techniques used are incredibly complex. With the way that Douglass prepares his dishes and the way that he carries himself, I could only describe him as a ‘Humble Renaissance Mastermind’. We should all be appreciative that he has chosen Boston as his stomping ground where he will tell us his stories of his upbringing, travels abroad, and entrepreneurial adventures through his cooking. Emily Law @olivethenoms