Move to OKRs in 30 days - OHNO | Whats holding your team back this week?
I have been talking to a LOT of people over the last few months about OKRs – more than I thought I would actually. It is such a hot topic, and I like OKRs, so it’s fun to talk about, but I felt with each conversation I was mostly covering the same ground. So I decided to write a complete guide on getting your team from where they are, to fully using OKRs in 30 days. I don’t just cover what are OKRs or how to set them, but how to actually manage the change element. How to have meetings with the team, what to cover, how to get low performing teams back on track and then how to persuade everyone in the company to use them too. It’s totally tool agnostic – you can use a piece of paper if that works for you. Take a look and let me know what you think.