Groundwork Denver, a non-profit organization that works with communities to im
Have you ever walked across the bridge at 23rd Avenue that goes over I-25? First you would have noticed that leading up to the bridge was a narrow, shoe-worn dirt path. You definitely would have felt your pulse quicken as you looked over the rusted railing — in some places broken — onto the traffic below. Jerry Olson, a member of Jefferson Park United Neighbors (JPUN), walked this path many times and has made it his mission to improve it for everyone. Jerry met with the city and State Bridge Engineers to sort out responsibilities and ownership issues. Then he worked with the Denver Office of Disability Rights to get ramps installed at the curb cuts in exchange for a commitment from JPUN to build an ADA-compliant path connecting the ramps and the bridge. The next steps for the pathways included securing a permit from CDOT and getting in-kind donations from local businesses such as Lafarge, RSC Rentals, RealArchitecture and La Loma Restaurant.