Dining Detective: Bridgewater Grill is a work in progress
Two weeks ago I met a woman who coordinates marketing for businesses all across the country. Among her clients is the Golden Hotel, which in turn means and their newly remodeled restaurant, the Bridgewater Grill. When I revealed my alter ego food critic persona, I was invited to make a clandestine visit. “It’s all about comfort food,” I was told, “Lobster Mac n’ Cheese, Meatloaf, a great new patio … you should really check it out.” And so I did. As the saying goes … be careful what you ask for, you just might get it! I had been to the former Grill many years ago and agree that a change was definitely in order. While there wasn’t anything wrong with the former Grill, there wasn’t anything right either. It was too stuffy and reserved to be comfortable, and even though the food was good, it was never very busy. At one point they did redo the menu to feature steaks and hearty sandwiches, but they really needed to reevaluate their assets and their audience, and find a new game plan. And this is exactly what they appear to have done with the new look.