Arturo Jimenez to seek School Board re-election
Arturo Jimenez, North Denver’s representative on the Denver School Board, will seek re-election this November. “I’m happy with some of the progress we have made in North Denver— we have a strong community process to define how parents want our schools to be in the future, and we have made real strides in meaningfully engaging parents,” said Jimenez, who serves as Vice-President of the School Board. “We have a long ways to go in improving student achievement, particularly at the high school level, but we have strong foundation of neighborhood schools that parents want.” Jimenez successfully led a fight to keep Lake Middle School’s International Baccalaureate program from being dismantled two years ago. Last June, Jimenez produced a compromise on the Board that won unanimous support, which brought stability to the number of seats in schools in North Denver, giving breathing room to the rapidly improving Skinner Middle school.